Changeset [6eb8bc7b0182512744598452b16dbb5bf7cb6cbd] by Ian White

August 23rd, 2010 @ 05:54 PM

Reorg adapters. adapters/ => orm_adapters/, adapter_map keeps track of adapters, PickleAdapter => PickleOrmAdapter, factory adapters live in adapters/

Committed by Ian White

  • A lib/pickle/adapter_map.rb
  • A lib/pickle/adapters/factory_girl.rb
  • A lib/pickle/adapters/machinist.rb
  • A lib/pickle/adapters/orm.rb
  • A lib/pickle/orm_adapter.rb
  • A lib/pickle/orm_adapters/active_record.rb
  • A lib/pickle/orm_adapters/data_mapper.rb
  • A lib/pickle/orm_adapters/mongoid.rb
  • R lib/pickle/adapters/active_record.rb
  • R lib/pickle/adapters/data_mapper.rb
  • R lib/pickle/adapters/mongoid.rb
  • M lib/pickle/adapter.rb
  • M lib/pickle/config.rb
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